Swift & Network programmability, a good combo? An introduction.

Swift is commonly known by iOS and MacOSX Software developers as Apple introduced the language in 2014 for MacOSX, iOS, and Linux application development.
In my role as software engineer, I’ve used different programming languages to build small tools, solutions or prototypes. For network programmability,​ I’ve used Java as my primary language. I have my reasons, which I might share later in another post.

Swift, JSON Encoding/Decoding and subclasses

How to successfully use JSON Encoding/Decoding within Swift with use subclasses with all attributes

Cisco NL Strategic Innovation Tour 2019

Cisco NL organized an innovation tour in the bay area for a few Dutch Cisco Partners in Silicon Valley. This blog is a brief summary of my experiences

Upgrading Firepower1010 to 6.5

The Cisco FirePower 1010 appliance (FP1010, successor to the ASA5506 which can run FTD 6.3 and higher) has finally become available. As I am relocating to a new home, it was time to replace my trusty 5506-X with the FP1010 and get a new fresh start with FTD. Since FTD 6.5 is just out, and it enables the switchports on the FP1010, it was time to upgrade the appliance. In this post I will share my method of upgrading the FP1010 to the latest version, 6.5. 

“Hey Juniper, How’s the security state of my network?”

Juniper’s adoption of AI/ML presented at Security Field Day 3.

Finding out which MIBs are supported on your Cisco device

Finding out which MIBs are supported on your Cisco device

Recently fellow champion Ioannis Theodoridis asked around how to find out what SNMP MIB's are supported by a specific Cisco network device. And although model driven telemetry is gaining momentum, many monitoring systems still rely on SNMP. And finding those MIB's can...

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