PoC on Network API’s

A sample use case of what is possible when you bring two great technologies together

Swift & Network programmability, a good combo? An introduction.

Swift is commonly known by iOS and MacOSX Software developers as Apple introduced the language in 2014 for MacOSX, iOS, and Linux application development.
In my role as software engineer, I’ve used different programming languages to build small tools, solutions or prototypes. For network programmability,​ I’ve used Java as my primary language. I have my reasons, which I might share later in another post.

Cisco NL Strategic Innovation Tour 2019

Cisco NL organized an innovation tour in the bay area for a few Dutch Cisco Partners in Silicon Valley. This blog is a brief summary of my experiences

Cisco C9800-CL sits idle at GRUB Loading Stage2…

Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller for cloud fails to boot after a reset and sits idle with a GRUB Loading message.

Hitting 100% CPU after restore on Firepower Management Center

I recently purchased a new microserver to reduce my power footprint at home. And I had to move the FMC (Firepower Management Center) from the...
Assigning a single IPv6 address to devices

Assigning a single IPv6 address to devices

I have been running IPv6 and IPv4 concurrently. At Cisco Live San Diego 2019  I shared some of my experiences with Jeffry Handal (I met him initially at CiscoLive Barcelona 2019)  and somewhow we ended up talking about IPv6 and how by default you receive multiple IPv6 addresses. To me, that was one of my frustrations, so my network is setup in such a way that it only assigns a single IPv6 address. It appears that such a setup is not very common. So I would like to share with you how my IPv6 network is configured.

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Assigning a single IPv6 address to devices

It’s been a while…

It's been a long time since I've put a blog post up on my site. It's not that I have not been busy, on the contrary. I have been working on my book (Transforming existing networks to Intent Based Networking), which is going to be published later this year, exciting,...

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