Workshop night photography 9 Sep 2017

While organising our holiday pictures I thought how now nice it would be to learn more about photography. I’ve been creating pictures for quite some time now, including a DSLR for about 15 years. But I still find myself fumbling in certain situations. While googling for workshops, most of them are about digitally enhancing your pictures, or very introductory. Until I came across kijk en zie fotoschool.┬áThis site also offers an advanced course, perhaps intereseting for me as well? Renate suggested that I’d do a workshop night photography first and see how it will evolve…
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Firepower on ASA, Firepower Threat Defense, what is what?

Yesterday (5 sept) Cisco finally released Firepower Threat Defense 6.2.2 Now is a new update not always a big thing but this specific release had me waiting for quite some time. Key to this release is the support of remote access VPN (e.g. anyconnect) in the FTD image. So FTD was already available on ASA5500-X platform, but if you used anyconnect on your ASA, you just had to wait for this release. But what now is the difference between Firepower on ASA and FTD.. Continue reading “Firepower on ASA, Firepower Threat Defense, what is what?”